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Alchemy Arts Center (Santa Barbara, CA)

I aint no vegan but I do enjoy vegetarian, vegan and raw food. And my favorite lunch place here in Santa barbara is Alchemy arts center. It’s an ‘urban retreat’ where you can get massage (Oh gosh…ask for Michael), body work, spa, take yoga classes and they have this amazing cafe serving ‘detox’ food. The first thing you will do is staring at the menu for half an hour….things you can even pronounce…but for somehow they all sound like they will make you feel better….Trust me, their food is amazing. Chef Kai is a genius. For a while I had a slight addiction to their food….I had to rush down to get ‘Alchemy salad’  ( their goji berry dressing is da bomb!) and ‘Pumpkin soup’. For me, this place is the happiest place on earth. Their cold pressed coffee is ridiculous, I refuse to put anything in it. (Don’t want to ruin it’s taste). Today, I had Cabbage Wrap and homemade kombucha…..I love this place.

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  1. I love this place too! Cabbage wrap is so yummy! The power smoothies are awesome too!
    ~ Emily

    November 6, 2011

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