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Creamy broccoli soup : vegan

Are we carnivore or vegetarian by nature?…. ‘Drink soy milk, no, soy is bad for you. So is Tofu. Yogurt and peanuts are evil’…>.<….I read so many books on this and still haven’t got the answer. It’s like a religion – you question and debate all day long but no one knows the truth….So what the heck, I’m going to eat whatever that taste good to me. I have a group of friends, one of them is a vegan, one of them is a vegetarian, one of them only eats chicken, and their boyfriends and husbands are meat eaters. So when they want to come over for dinner……I say….’Aghhhhh….Let’s go out!’
I eat meat  but I do enjoy good vegetarian/vegan dishes. I love sweetness of coconut oil based dish and my tummy feels good after eating them. Believe it or not, my favorite place to go out is either raw food restaurant (Alchemy arts center) or vegan restaurant (Adama vegan) and I eat gluten free toasts. HaHa 🙂 Enjoy this creamy, vegan, gluten free deliciousness! Now, if you would excuse me, I’m going to make my way back to the freezer and get a scoop of full-fat dulce de leche ice cream.

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Power of your Om

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