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Teach me how to buggie

Since we got buggie, my motherly instinct kicked in and I have been making homemade dog treats a lot…sometimes my husband rolls his eyes when I baby the dog too much…but come on, not like I roasted a whole chicken for my dog. ^=^ (I would actually)
Peanut butter and banana dog biscuits! Buggie goes crazy over the smell. He makes a circle around the oven and dance. ‘Teach, Teach, Teach me how to buggie~~~
I made double batches so I could bring them to the dog shelter where we got buggie from.

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Power of your Om

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Grilled Cheese 2.0

My friend, Emily and I used to go to this local restaurant where our friend is a chef, and have a glass of wine and this grilled cheese. Blue cheese, white truffle oil and honey! Ever since I had my first bite, it became my favorite grilled cheese ever. Can you smell this now? Mmmmm… it’s time to upgrade your grill cheese!

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A bowlful of health & my cold remedy

I make breakfast for my husband every morning. So I have to come up with a lot of breakfast ideas and this is one of them. Steel cut oats with tons of other ‘stuff ‘ in it.  I didn’t specify exact amount below….just add everything….till it makes sense….

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Sweet and salty kale chips

Ok, his is the best kale chips ever. Trust me. Even my anti-kale husband loved it. Give me a bowl of this, couch, Keeping up with Kardashian and buggie on my lap, my ‘woman cave’ night is completed! Here is how I make it.

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