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Celebrating New Year : Homie style

In Korea where I grew up, one of the biggest celebration is New Year’s day. Solnal is the first day of the first month of the new year and we make this  steaming hot, nourishing bowl of ‘Ddukgookk’ (rice dumpling soup. Eating the bowl of New Year soup on New Year’s Day means becoming one year older. Ouch.
Cheers to the year of Dragon!

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Chicken Piccata

I always have capers in my pantry and at least one chicken breast in my freezer. So if I’m too lazy to go grocery shopping or cook anything else, I usually turn into making chicken piccatta. And tonight was one of those lazy night.I butterfly my one and only chicken breast turning it into 2 thinner pieces. When you pound it into 1/4 inch thickness, voilà, there you have it : ‘lazy’ dinner for 2!

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Pot roast

I read a lot of health food books. And whenever I am in the middle of one of those books, I feed my husband only greens, salads, nuts, and seaweed. No meat, no dairy, no fat….It’s been a week. Poor guy. I fed him a big bowl of salad last night and he was looking me like he was just about to faint. Although I believe we can get all the proteins we need from greens, nuts and sea algae, I decide to make all american comfort food for him: Pot Roast!!! Yes, I went out and got a Le Creuset cast iron. And yes, I didn’t have one before…aghhhh embarrassing….but seriously, at an asian household, cast iron doesn’t make it top kitchen equipments. The only thing we need is a good rice cooker. And those cast irons are so $$$$$$$$! But I wanted to surprise him with all american comfort dish with yes, meat in it. And I am so proud to say I, an asian girl who always thought any dish braised was quite unvitalized, meat in it looks quite scary, NAILED it!!!! Oh my gosh…this turned out oh so good. My mother-in-law will be very proud. Now I have my cast iron (It’s worth the investment!), I am going to braise away…….

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Chicken pho

Temperature dropped, I can feel a crisp chill in the air…my Uggs came out so did my appetite for Pho. When we go to vietnamese restaurant, I usually get beef pho with you know, ‘other stuff’ in it. (Tendon, strip, brisket, meatball, eyeball (just kidding)….) but I didn’t want to freak out my husband so I made chicken pho. As much as I love pho in a restaurant, I find them a little too salty for me. It tastes so good at that moment (I love I go way down of the bottom of a bowl) but afterwards, I always get into, what I call, ‘Sodium shock’. -dehydration, regret(I feel that after I eat a big mac), crankiness, not so pleasant taste in my mouth….SO I often make home made pho. And my husband loves, loves it! I like to feed his single friend or friends with girlfriend/wife out of town. So this time again, we called up his friend, Geoff. At the sound of ‘homemade pho’ he ran right over to our place. Pho with extra dose of sriracha…sweat coming down on their faces…oh so cute. (I know I’m weird). I will be making beef pho next week….will post it. 🙂

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Homemade pasta night

My chef friend, John Fernadez is an amazing chef who is classically trained in Italy. The other night, we had our friends over at our place for a ‘Pasta night’. We made three different pastas and tiramisu….Seriously I have never had pasta like that in my life. It literally melts in your mouth! Emily (my dear friend & fellow food blogger) and I, Chef John, his friend Niki and Susan(Pastry instructor at my culinary school-my favorite class) working in the kitchen and Susan’s boyfriend, fong and my husband hovering in the background…what an amazing time and food we had!!!

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Eat drink man woman

My friend Emily and I had a lunch today and we were talking to someone at our next table. He told us to watch ‘Eat, drink, man, woman. It sounded good so I searched it on Neflix. And it turned out it was my favorite movie growing up back home….it just didn’t click in my head it as it’s title in English. I watched it again. Aggghhhhh sentimental. I remembered every scene….I myself is a baby girl among three daughters….I miss home, noises of busy streets, smell of street food, my family…..and of course, it’s 10pm and I’m having a serious craving for Chinese food….Great.

‘Mean’ fish taco

Did I say I make ‘mean’ tacos? I mean MEEEAAAANNNN. I do love Lilly’s taco here in Santa Barbara but man.. mine is off the chart good.  heehee …no really.
I moved from San Diego so of course I like my tacos beer battered. Blue moon though. Blue moon! (Just kidding. It just happened to be my favorite beer.) And then there are my two secret sauces-white sauce and pasilla chile sauce…Not so secret anymore now~ Crack open your beer and turn on some reggae. Have a ‘mean’ taco night. And tell me this wasn’t the best fish taco you ever had…..I will come to your house and you can punch my face.

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