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Celebrating New Year : Homie style

In Korea where I grew up, one of the biggest celebration is New Year’s day. Solnal is the first day of the first month of the new year and we make this  steaming hot, nourishing bowl of ‘Ddukgookk’ (rice dumpling soup. Eating the bowl of New Year soup on New Year’s Day means becoming one year older. Ouch.
Cheers to the year of Dragon!

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Chicken pho

Temperature dropped, I can feel a crisp chill in the air…my Uggs came out so did my appetite for Pho. When we go to vietnamese restaurant, I usually get beef pho with you know, ‘other stuff’ in it. (Tendon, strip, brisket, meatball, eyeball (just kidding)….) but I didn’t want to freak out my husband so I made chicken pho. As much as I love pho in a restaurant, I find them a little too salty for me. It tastes so good at that moment (I love I go way down of the bottom of a bowl) but afterwards, I always get into, what I call, ‘Sodium shock’. -dehydration, regret(I feel that after I eat a big mac), crankiness, not so pleasant taste in my mouth….SO I often make home made pho. And my husband loves, loves it! I like to feed his single friend or friends with girlfriend/wife out of town. So this time again, we called up his friend, Geoff. At the sound of ‘homemade pho’ he ran right over to our place. Pho with extra dose of sriracha…sweat coming down on their faces…oh so cute. (I know I’m weird). I will be making beef pho next week….will post it. 🙂

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Thai glass noodle with shrimps

I have an asian stomach. So I need to eat noodle and rice everyday otherwise my stomach goes on a strike. 🙂
Now my husband who is a white boy from Kansas would rather have asian food than what I call ‘white boy food’. This is by far my favorite dish of all time. I always make double batch cause it tastes even better as a leftover next day.

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