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About me

me :: the black dog’s owner

I have an obsession with food- to the point that I may need an intervention.
When I eat breakfast, I think about lunch, when I am eating lunch, I think about dinner, and when I’m eating dinner, I think about next morning’s breakfast…..++

I’ve always loved making people happy by my cooking. In Korea where I grew up, we love feeding people. You don’t reject food I give you, PERIOD! That’s almost a Taboo!!! Nothing made me happier than watching my guests or family members chow down what I made rubbing their happy bellies with big smiles.

I grew up in Korea and came the United States to attend Art school in San Francisco. After I got a degree in Graphic Design, I worked in the advertising industry both in San Francisco and also in San Diego.Then I fell in love with this American man….Taadaannn!….took a chance in love, quit my job and moved to Santa Barbara. None like big cities, there were not many advertising opportunities around SB, so I was lost….But my man (now my husband!) encouraged me to do what I really liked to do. And I knew it was COOKING! One evening on the couch, I asked him, ‘Should I go to culinary school?’ and he said, ‘YEAH!’ — It was Julia Child and her husband moment. He provided me with a most beautiful kitchen at home and fancy camera (so that I can take pictures of my creation) So I showed up in my first culinary class. Bon Jour! I meant, Hi, Whatzup!

So here I am, recently graduated from a culinary school, recently married to the man of my dream and living my life to the fullest enjoying every moment with food, my husband, friends, family and of course my dog, the black dog :: Buggie!!!

Thanks for visiting my blog!
– from beautiful Santa Barbara, Christina

meet buggie ::  the black dog

I’m a chiwawa mix from a local shelter K9-pal. Think I’m 3 years old but who knows. I’m getting more greys everyday so I may be older than what they told me. When Christina and Duard came to look at me, I knew she was my mom and wanted to go home with them. So I put my best smile and didn’t even bark. You know that ‘Puss in boots’ smile? And it worked! Now I’m so happy living with my new mom, dad, 2 older, I mean BIGGGGGG sisters and very annoying cat named Simba.

I love eating as much as my mom and love mom’s cooking. I love staring at the kitchen counter waiting for food scraps to fall.

My roommate ‘Chorizo’ is still at the shelter. He was not as cute as me but he was a nice dog. Hope he meets his new mom and dad very soon and live a happy life like me.
Ruff ruff now time to go to mommy’s lap and fall a sleep. She will rub my belly and that makes me snore….:)

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  1. Hey Christina – your site looks really great! some lovely food, and gorgeous pictures. See you at fitBuddha 🙂

    October 21, 2011
    • Thanks, colette! Glad you like it. Maybe I will post some scrambled egg recipe-it’s gonna hurt so bad…..hahahaha!

      October 24, 2011
  2. Cute pup! Great work on the blog 🙂

    November 3, 2011
  3. Nice Blog…so you did it! Any leftover Halloween cupcakes? Just kidding…sort of 😉

    November 4, 2011
  4. keep up the good work!!

    November 6, 2011
  5. Love your blog! – m

    November 7, 2011
  6. Hi there!
    I adore your blog so I nominated you for a Liebster Award! 🙂
    Go here for more information:


    November 21, 2011

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