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Creamy broccoli soup : vegan

Are we carnivore or vegetarian by nature?…. ‘Drink soy milk, no, soy is bad for you. So is Tofu. Yogurt and peanuts are evil’…>.<….I read so many books on this and still haven’t got the answer. It’s like a religion – you question and debate all day long but no one knows the truth….So what the heck, I’m going to eat whatever that taste good to me. I have a group of friends, one of them is a vegan, one of them is a vegetarian, one of them only eats chicken, and their boyfriends and husbands are meat eaters. So when they want to come over for dinner……I say….’Aghhhhh….Let’s go out!’
I eat meat  but I do enjoy good vegetarian/vegan dishes. I love sweetness of coconut oil based dish and my tummy feels good after eating them. Believe it or not, my favorite place to go out is either raw food restaurant (Alchemy arts center) or vegan restaurant (Adama vegan) and I eat gluten free toasts. HaHa 🙂 Enjoy this creamy, vegan, gluten free deliciousness! Now, if you would excuse me, I’m going to make my way back to the freezer and get a scoop of full-fat dulce de leche ice cream.

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Celebrating New Year : Homie style

In Korea where I grew up, one of the biggest celebration is New Year’s day. Solnal is the first day of the first month of the new year and we make this  steaming hot, nourishing bowl of ‘Ddukgookk’ (rice dumpling soup. Eating the bowl of New Year soup on New Year’s Day means becoming one year older. Ouch.
Cheers to the year of Dragon!

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Holding onto my last pumpkin puree of the year

Pumpkin is such a seasonal ingredient. It is almost impossible to find a can of pumpkin puree unless it’s around Thanksgiving time. (Yes, I use a canned ones for making pumpkin bread and am not ashamed of it. :)) Most markets stopped carrying them right after thanksgiving. So when I saw stacks of them at a health food store  (They were talking to me. ‘Last call, sister. Last call’) I bought 6 of them. ‘Cause I knew I won’t be seeing these babies till next year’s Thanksgiving ….so here I am, holding on to my last pumpkin puree of the year…
I posted my pumpkin bread recipe back in October. But I liked this recipe so much I had to share.
October pumpkin bread I posted is ‘cakey ‘deliciousness but this one is more like…..’bready’ deliciousness. Something you want to have for breakfast with a cup of coffee without getting sugar high. It’s now or never, I mean till next year, so go grab that last pumpkin puree of the year~~

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Cardamom-Honey Christmas Cookies

I have been in a cooking slump for last few days. Short rib I made the other night didn’t cook in time for dinner, I burned my husband’s breakfast (I was making ‘Bull’s eye’-toast with egg in the middle), mango I bought was all dried out inside when I cut it, apples I bought were all bruised, kiwis were not ripe…….
So I stepped a way from the kitchen….no more cooking for a few days. Christina, put down your spatula and especially that knife…Take a deep breath and step away from the kitchen.
So my husband hit Mcdoland’s for breakfast on his way to work, we ate out every single night and I barely opened the refrigerator.
Today, I caught a glimpse of my unloved kitchen while I hung out at our backyard with the dogs.
I took a deep breath and bravely walk towards it. I stroke my little innocent stand mixer and oven. They didn’t do anything wrong….ok, I’m going to bake Christmas cookies. Maybe Baby Jesus will give me extra strength that I needed to get out of this cooking slump. Happy Holidays, everyone! 🙂

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Chicken Piccata

I always have capers in my pantry and at least one chicken breast in my freezer. So if I’m too lazy to go grocery shopping or cook anything else, I usually turn into making chicken piccatta. And tonight was one of those lazy night.I butterfly my one and only chicken breast turning it into 2 thinner pieces. When you pound it into 1/4 inch thickness, voilà, there you have it : ‘lazy’ dinner for 2!

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Fennel ice cream

Don’t be so vanilla. 🙂 ….  I love good vanilla ice cream especially the ones where you can see those little black dots. But my favorite flavor is Fennel! Fennel ice cream is new vanilla in my kitchen. I made it along with black sesame ice cream (I will post it!) last year’s Holiday party, all my guests loved it. How would I describe the taste?….Hmmm,,,,It does taste like vanilla (There is no vanilla added in the recipe though) but with a bit of an edge. Trust me, it will become your new favorite flavor. Now go  to your significant others, give them a hint, wink wink : add ice cream machine to your Christmas list!  I’ve already picked a few items from Amazon and am going to have my husband just ‘click’ for Christmas. Heehee =}

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