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Eat drink man woman

My friend Emily and I had a lunch today and we were talking to someone at our next table. He told us to watch ‘Eat, drink, man, woman. It sounded good so I searched it on Neflix. And it turned out it was my favorite movie growing up back home….it just didn’t click in my head it as it’s title in English. I watched it again. Aggghhhhh sentimental. I remembered every scene….I myself is a baby girl among three daughters….I miss home, noises of busy streets, smell of street food, my family…..and of course, it’s 10pm and I’m having a serious craving for Chinese food….Great.


‘Mean’ fish taco

Did I say I make ‘mean’ tacos? I mean MEEEAAAANNNN. I do love Lilly’s taco here in Santa Barbara but man.. mine is off the chart good.  heehee …no really.
I moved from San Diego so of course I like my tacos beer battered. Blue moon though. Blue moon! (Just kidding. It just happened to be my favorite beer.) And then there are my two secret sauces-white sauce and pasilla chile sauce…Not so secret anymore now~ Crack open your beer and turn on some reggae. Have a ‘mean’ taco night. And tell me this wasn’t the best fish taco you ever had…..I will come to your house and you can punch my face.

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Halloween cupcakes for grown ups

Who said only kids can have fun on halloween? Halloween is the only day where we can dare to wear a hooker shoes and strut down the street, right? Why not make these scrumptious chocolate cupcake (coffee in there- so don’t feed these to your kids) with mascarpone frosting (Baileys in there-so don’t feed these to your kids either) and have some grown ups trick or treat?

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Matcha banana bread

I have been searching for the best banana bread recipe for a long time. I have made a ‘brick’, ‘gooey’,’dry’….at times I had to toss the entire loaf in the trash. Wasted so many bananas, butter….Is there anybody out there feeling this pain? I personally think banana bread is the hardest quick bread to make it good. But after a few melt downs, I finally made the best banana bread ever. It is super moist and flavorful.
I added a teaspoon of matcha green tea. (Don’t get too excited and try to put a lot more. It will taste like pot…in a bad way) Just a teaspoonful of matcha powder adds nice earthiness to the loaf.

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Roasted chicken with Farro and herb sauce

I am not a huge  fan of chicken (except for fried chicken) but my husband loves chicken. He thinks chicken meat goes straight to his muscle-best muscle gain protein…. 🙂 So I’ve got a few good chicken recipes up my sleeve. And this is by far my favorite chicken dish. Toasted farro give the whole dish nutty and robust flavor. I did spin and went to  ‘fit buddha‘ (my new favorite fitness class-spx fitness)  today so I guess I will eat some chicken tonight. Please, chicken, go to my muscle.

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Grilled Cheese 2.0

My friend, Emily and I used to go to this local restaurant where our friend is a chef, and have a glass of wine and this grilled cheese. Blue cheese, white truffle oil and honey! Ever since I had my first bite, it became my favorite grilled cheese ever. Can you smell this now? Mmmmm… it’s time to upgrade your grill cheese!

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Grilled sea bass with indian spiced tomatoes

I love simple food. And this fish dish is one of my favorite recipes I always make whenever I can find fresh white fish that day. Because this is such a simple dish, the key is to toast coriander seeds and grind yourself. Don’t use ground coriander. I did that one time and the flavor of the dish was not even comparable. So buy the seeds and grind yourself. It’s worth it.

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